File Renamer Turbo

File Renamer Turbo

File Renamer Turbo is a file renaming software fitted with extra features
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File Renamer Turbo is a file renaming software fitted with extra features which is a sure attraction. The tool is used to rename a multiple number of files, in thousands, at one go thereby reducing the time and energy of the user. The renaming can be done to both files and folders at a time and the presence of extensive renaming filters proves to be handy. The tool proves to be very useful considering its ability to bundle all the music files with formats like mp3, wma etc in a single category.

The other features worth mentioning include the music album information, adding to windows right-click menu and inserting special data in file names. It is easy to organize the files and folders by using this tool. The renaming feature is extended to modify the date-timestamp and file extensions. The tool has a preset number of graphical user interface skins that come in handy and gives a better look to the tool. Also one can insert the special data extracted from ID3 fields, image size etc. from files and use them as file name.

The tool is a definite competitor amongst other similar software’s in the market. The tool with its handful of features is very powerful and easy to use.

Manoj Goel
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  • Good Graphical User Interface.
  • Easy to work on.
  • Bulk files renaming in a single batch.
  • Extensive renaming features.
  • Bundle the music files under a single tag.


  • Limited skins.
  • Works only in Wnidows 2000, XP & Vista.
  • High minimum requirements.
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